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UNC style guide:
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UNC Campaign Design

    University of Northern Colorado went through a re-branding, to positively position itself in the Northen Colorado region. Myself and a creative team of 5 individuals collaborated to create the new image of UNC and the branding campaign. We determined the official colors of the school as well as the secondary color palette. Our goal is to build and promote the University of Northern Colorado brand and communications program across campus and the Northern Colorado region, focusing on unifying UNC’s message across publications, marketing collateral, graphic design, internal and external communications, and advertising. We designed everything from the slogan graphic to the billboards at DIA. I coordinated and art directed the photo shoots with Harper Point photography in Fort Collins. With the photographs leading the energy of the campaign, the team created the university's voice for copy of ads and materials to match. I wrote the style guide with the team editing. I designed the marjority of the materials for the campaign (folder, posters, shirts, advertisements and brochures). We ran ads at DIA, in Denver magazine, and Wild Blue Yonder. I also helped with the coordination of the launch party. Currently I was asked to the lead and manage the next phase campaign.